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>>. >> kristen: now at four shirt. suspicious fires in antioch lead to an arson investigation and we're live at the w the latest. >> mideast nations are bracing for more anti-u.s. protests. muslim leaders are coming to the u.s. to protest. >> and police are gearing up for more rallies and protests on the one-year anniversary on the occupy wall street movement. >> good morning, i'm sue hall in the traffic center. it's friday. so far it's lighted. we do have some overnight road work we will update you on just couple minutes. >> i'm mike nicco. check out live doppler. low clouds but right now, it will be dry for the morning. we'll talk about a cooling trend and temperatures below average next week.
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>> eric: it's 4:30. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. >> arson investigators are busy in antioch where three fires broke out owe night and all within a short time. amy hollyfield is live at a strip mall. >> reporter: good morning. it started at the 99 cent store behind me but it's part of a strip mall. take a look at the video. there is what firefighters saw when they arrived. this is why they were concerned. big fire, big strip mall. they went to a second alarm and called for more firefighters to help them out. they did save the building, but when they took a closer look they realized this looks suspicious. >> fire on northwest side of the building and then we had additional fire on the southeast side of the building and approximately there was a fire down on sycamore. we do have an investigator.
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>> reporter: this fire happened at sycamore drive and called sycamore square. the tree also burned and they did save the mall and will be open today but they are trying to figure out who did this and why. >> eric: a menlo park school remains closed this morning and plans to reopen on monday after a fire that destroyed administrative offices and a classroom. lilian kim as more from the school where teachers and staff comedy through rubble. >> they sifted through the debris hoping to find anything worth saving. stanford graduate started teaching a few months ago, something she was looking forward to for years. >> i was shipping things from minnesota here to use. it's all gone.
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>> reporter: flames destroyed the third grade classroom but also the administration offices. the cause was a faulty kitchen appliance. >> it could have been worse. >> they are private but not a typical private school. it's geared for families who live in a low performing school district. private donations cover most of the costs. jordan went to beachwood from kindergarten through eighth. >> we only had 18 kids in the class. it was pretty tight but it was like family. yeah. >> reporter: fortunately many of the students records were found but almost all of her keep sakes and books were destroyed. >> insurance will likely cover a good portion of what was lost but the school will be relying on donations. if you would like to contributing to our website at
4:34 am >> kristen: this morning vallejo police are investigation of a shot that was fired. it happened at traffic stop in vallejo about 7:45. they chased the two men on highway 680 and ended in pleasant hill where the truck crashed at fair oaks elementary school. one made a gesture that he may have had a gun so one officer fired. the suspect was not hurt. no children were nearby. officers took both suspects in into custody and they found drugs in the truck. classes will resume this morning. katie marzullo will have a live report in about 30 minutes. >> kenyon youngstrom was laid to rest yesterday at a cemetery in dickson. nearly 4,000 mourners including
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governor jerry brown and attorney general pamela harris paid their respects during the two-hour service for the 37-year-old officer. youngstrom died after being shot last week during a traffic stop on interstate 680. he is survived by his wife and four children. his teenage son also spoke at the service. if you would like to help the family go to any bay area branch of wflg or mechanics branch and ask to contribute to their memorial fund. >> kristen: they are bracing for possible more violent protests in the muslim world following friday weekly prayers today. angry demonstrations against an anti-islam film continue in egypt. this is within the past couple of hours, with protestors facing off egyptian forces. meanwhile, this is what was left of the consulate in libya after it was attacked by militants on tuesday night. an attack that killed the u.s.
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ambassador and three other americans there. the libyan government announced it has arrested several militants it believes was responsible for the attack and more on the mideast unrest coming up in just a few minutes. >> eric: pope benedict has aarrived in lebanon. he landed in beirut within the last hour and spoke to people that gathered at the airport. his three-day visit comes at a time of turmoil with the civil war in neighboring syria and the aftermath of the deadly attack at the u.s. consulate in libya. lebanon has the largest number of christians in the area. >> san francisco is bracing for monday the one-year anniversary the occupy wall street movement. members of occupy san francisco plan to stage several demonstrations. it will end with a march set to begin at 5:00 p.m. on cal street.
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occupy protestors say the movement has been successful stopping some foreclosures. >> wells fargo has come to the table and now they are sitting down and looking at modification process where it can be successful for the homeowner and the bank. >> kristen: monday's day of action begins with a noontime protest at the war memorial building. demonstrations will also take place in the cast volunteer district and at pg&e headquarters on market street. >> eric: we have made it to friday. it's a lavender sort of day. check the forecast. >> that is true. the skies, it will be gray start. >> you got it both covered. you wearing the silver suit. >> lavender tie like you. >> we do have good news, fog is not nearly as thick as yesterday. most of us have unlimited visibility in the horizontal and vertically the low clouds are hanging out there. half moon bay, seven mile
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visibility. we'll see a few more clouds but for the most part. high pressure dominating our weather for at least one or more two days. we'll have clouds just about everywhere through 7:00 and some in the south and east bay valleys. temperatures in the 50s. clouds will pull back to the coast and then it will be warm in the afternoon hours, with near 90 and 80 around the bay and low to mid 50s around the coast. you may want to grab a light coat. saturday, sunday, monday you see the gradual cooling trend. we lose a couple degrees until temperatures are back where they should be inland, cooler than average around the coast. good morning. it's friday morning. got to get the voice warmed up and working. san mateo bridge, taillights over to foster city. highlights, no problems on both
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directions of highway 92 there. this is a shot of highway 24 from volume vollmer camera and very light traffic if you are heading on 24 out of the tri-valley area. we have road work and road hazard on 4. that ramp will be closed till 6:00 this morning, central, less than 15 minutes into the dublin pleasanton area. earlier stall on the bay bridge, westbound, that is cleared out of the left lane and traffic is nice, no metering lights and the upper deck is moving at the limit all the way into downtown. >> kristen:. >> pg&e admit that old gas pipelines are buried beneath san francisco streets. utility says they want to replace them but is claiming they are stopping the
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improvement work. >> eric: and first cases of wbls turn, west nile virus turn up in the bay area and where fogging is going to take place to wipe the mosquitoes out.
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>>. >> kristen: good morning, we may made it to friday. here is a live look at san francisco downtown. we have a few clouds here in san francisco and maybe just around the bay. mike nicco says similar to yesterday but notice a few things that will signal a change coming and certainly through your weekend. >> eric: more news for you, pg&e claims that they have been trying to replace miles of cast iron pipes buried beneath san francisco but the city won't let it do the work. the department of public works is holding them off because of a street paving ordinance. there is 43 miles that the
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california public utilities commission that presents a clear and public danger. >> we know its earthquake prone area. when these gas mains rupture it can burn the entire city. >> pg&e has not made the priority it should have been. and many have criticized the california public utilities commission to not require them to replace them sooner. >> eric: the city attorney says he wants to meet with the california public utilities commission as soon as possible to determine what is holding up the process. >> kristen: they are trying to determine if the latest spraying effort was effective. fogging trucks sprayed pesticides in brentwood and discovery bay late into the last night. a man and woman have now been identified as the first bay area victims to contact or contracted
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west nile virus this year. health officials in placer county have confirmed they have the first death from the virus. 74-year-old a sheriff's office volunteer died after spending ten days in the hospital. >> eric: it's 4:44. >> and new energy developed in the bay area that could take a major bite. >> and new royal scandal, reveelgs photos of a another popular royal and we mean really revealing. palace says they go over the line. >> and controversial bill that nancy pelosi and a lot of leaders are pressing governor brown to sign. the new color changing candle from air wick,
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brings light and fragrance together,
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to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick.
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>>. coming up on 4:47. sunshine around the coast. temperatures in the 50s to mid 60s. a lot of 70s for the bay and 80s inland. 90s east bay valleys. take a look what is going on across the country. a lot of 70s and 80s. 90s all see show up around phoenix and down in southern california. we have a cold front draped across the midwest into the southwest. that is going to create flight arrival delays. for us here at home. servicing quiet. flight tracker at here is eric. >> eric: day four of anti-american fury is boiling over touched by by an inflammatory movie made by a california filmmaker that is now in hiding. they thrown stones and molotov cocktails in cairo, egypt.
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here is more. >> reporter: violent anti-american protests continue to rage across the arab world. protestors are facing off egyptian security forces outside the u.s. embassy in cairo. they are using tear gas to disperse the crowd. the egyptian government is actively monitoring the situation after reportedly a blunt exchange between president obama and the egyptian president. >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally but we don't consider them an enemy. >> outrage was sparked by a film made in the u.s. that mocks the prophet muhammad. it started on the anniversary of september 11 attacks. the attack left four americans dead, including the u.s. ambassador chris stevens, state department employee and former navy seals.
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officials from the new york office will assist in the investigation. >> kristen: nancy pelosi is or using her powerful voice to push a bill that could lead to fewer deportations. she and other lawmakers sent a letter urging the governor to sign the bill. it would restrict county and city jails to hold illegal immigrant for deportation unless they have serious charges or convictions. there is a concern the governor may not sign it because of an earlier deal he did the federal government. >> eric: president obama's reelection campaign is giving a boost. beyonce is holding a fund-raiser at a new york nightclub. she would do whatever it takes to help him stay in the white
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house. the tickets are $40,000 each. this isn't the first too many they stepped up for obama. they helped humanitarianism and other causes. >> a french magazine has published topless photos of kate middleton and the royal family is expressing the outrage. they published the photos this morning, st. james magazine is confirming it's pictures. they said they were saddened by the publication. the photos were taken in france while they were on vacation. couple is in middle of a ten day asian tour. >> eric: same thing happened with princess di. if they can get that photo they will get that photo. >> you have to remember you are being watched when you are royal. we're not going to talk anymore about that but people may want to go sunbathing, it's still
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pretty nice weather-wise. >> sure, why not. >> keep your clothes on now. >> and show you what is going on. we're looking at the low clouds hanging over san francisco. take a look at live doppler and see if any moisture is falling from them. we have moisture hanging in the area in the form of those clouds. i don't think it will be a big issue and flight arrival delays into sfo. both radar is spinning. one on mount st. helena lena. talk about the temperatures, step out this morning, mainly 50s. a few 50s around fairfield and antioch and livermore. down to monitor ray. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s also as you head inland. today it's going to be a lot like yesterday. it will be a few degrees warmer in san francisco and fremont and same in concord and only and
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couple degrees cooler in santa rosa. low to mid 80s for everybody else. peninsula, a lot more 70s, 59 at millbrae. 'pacifica, 59 degrees. mid to upper 60s downtown san francisco and sausalito. upper 70s to low 80s in north bay valleys. heading over to the east bayshore, berkeley may not make it to 70. 69. everybody else in the low to mid-70s. we'll make a run at the 90s in the east bay valleys and upper 80s in the san ramon valley. heading down to monterey, sunshine in the afternoon and mid 60s around monterey and pacific grove. hanging around 80s around morgan hill. traveling around the state. mid to upper 90s in the central valley to hundred in palm springs. a very small chance of a thunderstorm has just about left
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the entire state. it's going to be warm today. guess who is back in town? they lost last night but they are having a great road tri-. orioles and a's, dropping down to 57 by 10:00. don't forget its fireworks friday at coliseum. you can see clouds out to the coast. most of us in the 50s. let's take a look at accu-weather seven-day forecast, you can see a gradual cooling trend that will drop our temperatures a little bit below average by the time we get to next week. expect a lot of morning cloud cover. good morning everyone. road work in lanes heading north and southbound 101 through marin county and major repaving project. these bright lights the workers have out there. it's hard to see. it's very difficult to see if you are traveling through the construction zone. be aware of that through southern marin and greenbrae, all was the toy the golden gate bridge. they should have the golden gate
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bridge construction picked up in another 30 minutes. construction summersville, on-ramp is closed and eastbound road work has it shut around leverage until 5:30. they are rotating through on-ramp eastbound. northbound 880, after hyde an accident there. 680 through walnut creek, 24 junction, there is debris and they are reporting cardboard boxes in a lane. live shot of san rafael, headed in into central san rafael. >> eric: there is new player in the video game world. here is john with this morning's tech bites. >> nintendo unveils the wii ii. it comes with a nintendo tv.
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it will go on sale in november with a starting price of $300. >> one day until a new california internet tax law kicks in and there has been a huge online buying binge. it requires merchants to collect sales tax. and ebay is getting a new logo. the streamlined look reflects new look. there are your tech bites. >> eric: new studies suggest that holding on to your job may be good for your bank account but bad for your health. the study says the added stress may increase the risk of heart disease by 25%. for employers the extra strain cost $300 million in year in lower productivity and insurance fees. the study is published in the journal of neurology. >> kristen: a group is going to test a nutrition bar that will
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help oh ease teens fight off debilitating diseases. it's named after a children's hospital research institute where they are developing it. they say they discovered in clinic trials vitamins and fibers help them and balance factors that help the body to control fat, and cholesterol. >> we are at the point we can tune-up your metabolism and we can lower ldl and lower your inflammation and do all these wonderful things. >> kristen: they are about to begin the study to see if the bars can help asthma in adolescents. they hope it can lead to commercial products. >> eric: developing news out of the east bay. vallejo police are investigating another shooting involving an
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officer. katie marzullo is live at the scene to explain why this shooting wasn't in vallejo. >> plus, a moving salute to a fallen highway patrolman. you will hear from his partner who put his life on the line. >> eric: a setback for ross mirkarimi. he will learn his fate sooner rather than the later.
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